Announcement: Event-B Seminar at NII, Tokyo



Rodin Tools is a Not for Profit Company taking over responsibility for the Rodin toolset at the end of the EU funded Deploy Project. Rodin Tools Ltd was set up in early 2012 as promised in the Dissemination and Exploitation plan of the “Deploy” EU FP7 IP (214158).
The Company is committed to ensuring all profits from this venture are spent on the promotion and improvement of the platform and tools.
The Company is run from Newcastle University School of Computing Science and maintains strong links with the community set up and developed in Deploy.

The Company consists of
  • a Strategy Committee of external advisers to look at the development strategy,
  • a Platform Development and Maintenance partner to carry out the wishes of the Strategy Committee and Company members and
  • a Coordination partner to manage the Company, run workshops and training etc.

    We are in the early stages of development at present but if you require more information on our plans, please contact
  • Alexander Romanovsky - Deploy Project Director or
  • Jon Warwick - Deploy Project Manager